Interface for ‘GraphFrames’
Function(s) Description
gf_bfs() Breadth-first search (BFS)
gf_cache() Cache the GraphFrame
gf_chain() Chain graph
gf_connected_components() Connected components
gf_degrees() Degrees of vertices
gf_edge_columns() Edges column names
gf_edges() Extract edges DataFrame
gf_find() Motif finding: Searching the graph for structural patterns
gf_friends() Graph of friends in a social network.
gf_graphframe() Create a new GraphFrame
gf_grid_ising_model() Generate a grid Ising model with random parameters
gf_in_degrees() In-degrees of vertices
gf_lpa() Label propagation algorithm (LPA)
gf_out_degrees() Out-degrees of vertices
gf_pagerank() PageRank
gf_persist() Persist the GraphFrame
gf_register() Register a GraphFrame object
gf_scc() Strongly connected components
gf_shortest_paths() Shortest paths
gf_star() Generate a star graph
gf_triangle_count() Computes the number of triangles passing through each vertex.
gf_triplets() Triplets of graph
gf_two_blobs() Generate two blobs
gf_unpersist() Unpersist the GraphFrame
gf_vertex_columns() Vertices column names
gf_vertices() Extract vertices DataFrame
spark_graphframe() spark_graphframe() Retrieve a GraphFrame