Feature Transformation – RobustScaler (Estimator)




RobustScaler removes the median and scales the data according to the quantile range. The quantile range is by default IQR (Interquartile Range, quantile range between the 1st quartile = 25th quantile and the 3rd quartile = 75th quantile) but can be configured. Centering and scaling happen independently on each feature by computing the relevant statistics on the samples in the training set. Median and quantile range are then stored to be used on later data using the transform method. Note that missing values are ignored in the computation of medians and ranges.


  input_col = NULL, 
  output_col = NULL, 
  lower = 0.25, 
  upper = 0.75, 
  with_centering = TRUE, 
  with_scaling = TRUE, 
  relative_error = 0.001, 
  uid = random_string("ft_robust_scaler_"), 


Arguments Description
x A spark_connection, ml_pipeline, or a tbl_spark.
input_col The name of the input column.
output_col The name of the output column.
lower Lower quantile to calculate quantile range.
upper Upper quantile to calculate quantile range.
with_centering Whether to center data with median.
with_scaling Whether to scale the data to quantile range.
relative_error The target relative error for quantile computation.
uid A character string used to uniquely identify the feature transformer.
Optional arguments; currently unused.


In the case where x is a tbl_spark, the estimator fits against x

to obtain a transformer, which is then immediately used to transform x, returning a tbl_spark.


The object returned depends on the class of x.

  • spark_connection: When x is a spark_connection, the function returns a ml_transformer, a ml_estimator, or one of their subclasses. The object contains a pointer to a Spark Transformer or Estimator object and can be used to compose Pipeline objects.

  • ml_pipeline: When x is a ml_pipeline, the function returns a ml_pipeline with the transformer or estimator appended to the pipeline.

  • tbl_spark: When x is a tbl_spark, a transformer is constructed then immediately applied to the input tbl_spark, returning a tbl_spark

See Also

See https://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/ml-features.html for more information on the set of transformations available for DataFrame columns in Spark.

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