Kubernetes Configuration




Convenience function to initialize a Kubernetes configuration instead of spark_config(), exposes common properties to set in Kubernetes clusters.


  version = "2.3.2", 
  image = "spark:sparklyr", 
  driver = random_string("sparklyr-"), 
  account = "spark", 
  jars = "local:///opt/sparklyr", 
  forward = TRUE, 
  executors = NULL, 
  conf = NULL, 
  timeout = 120, 
  ports = c(8880, 8881, 4040), 
  fix_config = identical(.Platform$OS.type, "windows"), 


Arguments Description
master Kubernetes url to connect to, found by running kubectl cluster-info.
version The version of Spark being used.
image Container image to use to launch Spark and sparklyr. Also known as spark.kubernetes.container.image.
driver Name of the driver pod. If not set, the driver pod name is set to “sparklyr” suffixed by id to avoid name conflicts. Also known as spark.kubernetes.driver.pod.name.
account Service account that is used when running the driver pod. The driver pod uses this service account when requesting executor pods from the API server. Also known as spark.kubernetes.authenticate.driver.serviceAccountName.
jars Path to the sparklyr jars; either, a local path inside the container image with the sparklyr jars copied when the image was created or, a path accesible by the container where the sparklyr jars were copied. You can find a path to the sparklyr jars by running system.file("java/", package = "sparklyr").
forward Should ports used in sparklyr be forwarded automatically through Kubernetes? Default to TRUE which runs kubectl port-forward and pkill kubectl
on disconnection.
executors Number of executors to request while connecting.
conf A named list of additional entries to add to sparklyr.shell.conf.
timeout Total seconds to wait before giving up on connection.
ports Ports to forward using kubectl.
fix_config Should the spark-defaults.conf get fixed? TRUE for Windows.
Additional parameters, currently not in use.